Integrated, Open and Flexible Systems

The numerically controlled machines of the dental division Dyamach offer an added value, in addition to the functional and technological advantages of the machines themselves. All machines were developed with integrated systems, able to respond effectively and properly to the needs of the most advanced professional users. The systems are based on the integration between the Dyamach DT2 and an assembly composed of 3D scanners and CAD / CAM software runned with Windows™.

For the user, the advantages are significant compared to the “closed” systems of competition:

  • Performance at the top of the sector
  • Cost effective
  • Possibility to integrate not protected tools and materials
  • Easy and fast upgrade
  • Functionality of the overall system fully tested by Dyamach


Dyamach also provides complete installation hardware and software of the system, by delivering it “turnkey” fully operational.


Dental Products

The long and qualified experience of the group has led to the development of dental equipment portfolio.
The main advantages:

  • Compact size (70cm, can be installed almost anywhere) and low-power (220V, 3 kW)
  • Reduction in the level of vibration, greater precision and increased tool life due to working directly on the disc, without arms and references
  • High quality results in small size
  • Fast processing considerably shortened compared to other machines of the same size


All above data are indicative.
Dyamach reserves the right to modify the characteristics of machines without any obligation of correction and communication to third parties.

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