Dyamach designs, develops and manufactures high-tech machineries and a high level of innovation. Our goal is to achieve levels of excellence in our sectors for technological solutions, efficiency and effectiveness of our machineries. Currently working in the goldsmith and dental sectors.


Dyamach, active since 2009, is an emanation of Worldmec,  structure with over 35 years experience in precision engineering, applied in the most varied sectors (from wood to plastics to automotive) always resulting in high profile.  The long experience of Worldmec developed according to focused principles and values that are at the base of Dyamach:

  •  innovation and technological development
  •  professionalism and competence
  •  flexibility and excellent customer service
  •  experienced and dynamic team

The solutions offered by Dyamach introduce innovations of great impact on a variety of processes. The latest generation of machineries allows the reduction of working times, the size of the machinery and vibration and therefore costs. It also allow you to work with greater accuracy and  to extend the life and duration of both tools and machineries.

The Group

The impact of technology and knowledge of the two companies combined allow to optimize the entire process of design and production, from the costs of the manufacturing process, continuing with the level of expertise and professionalism already experienced in other sectors and finishing with the integration of machines in high efficiency hardware and software environments.

The Team

The human resources of Dyamach come largely from Worldmec, which has over 15 years of successful projects assets; therefore our team has a long and distinguished experience in the industry, and it is a valuable asset on the both sectors.

The integration of the departments of Sales, design and production ensures  highly advanced technology and therefore an optimal response to the needs of the customers.